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Settlement or Trial

Mr. Archer is a trial attorney. That does not mean that every case must be tried; many cases can and are settled without the need to go to trial. There is a difference in philosophy between J. Archer Law and firms that are more or less settlement firms. Sometimes a firm becomes a settlement firm because they do not have the resources, financially or otherwise, to go to trial. Despite what is seen on television, some attorneys really prefer not to go to trial.

Attorneys for the defendant (the person/entity who is sued for causing an injury, etc.) always research the firm they are opposing to gain insight into what they will have to do to defend their client. When a firm studies Mr. Archer, or the attorneys he is associated with, they quickly learn that while the firm considers many things in a settlement offer, they are not afraid to take the case to court and hear what the jury has to say.

When J. Archer Law represents you or your loved ones, the opposing firm understands from the beginning that J. Archer Law has the resources, the skill, and a history of winning cases in the courtroom. When a settlement negotiation begins, there is no posturing about taking the case to the courtroom because the track record speaks for itself. Sometimes that can be the difference between a real settlement offer and one that is too low to compensate the injured.