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Why Plaintiffs Law

A plaintiff’s attorney is one who brings a lawsuit on behalf of an injured party. The injured party in the case is known as the plaintiff and the party who has caused the injury is known as the defendant.  Examples of cases where a plaintiff’s attorney files suit are: Pharmaceutical injury (like Actos, Avandia, Chantix, and Meridia), work injury, offshore injury, maritime accidents, construction being poorly done, and cases of fraud affecting businesses or consumers. J. Archer Law also brings suit in contracts cases and other torts.

With Plaintiff’s law, rarely is the attorney paid before a verdict is won. The attorney must be hard working enough to spend all the hours preparing the case, insuring that every stone has been turned and all the facts are on the table. A plaintiff’s attorney must also be skilled enough to do all the things that keep the other side on their toes (and awake at night) wondering what big thing will be dropped on them next. Once all has been discovered, once every potential witness has been questioned and/or deposed, once every fact is uncovered, that is when the attorney must be strong enough for his client to fight for them until the verdict is delivered or a reasonable settlement has been achieved. Without the ability to bring a verdict in court, an attorney has much less strength to bring an appropriate settlement. At J. Archer Law, Joe and the associated lawyers are known for being trial lawyers, which gives them the advantage when a settlement discussion is requested by the opposing side.

If a plaintiff’s attorney has been thorough in his preparation and has exhausted himself and his team, only then does he have the chance to receive compensation for all of his hard work. Usually, it is only when the client has been given a positive outcome and compensated for their harms or injuries, that the plaintiff’s attorney is compensated. Most defense attorneys are not paid on positive outcome; they are paid by the hour for the work they do.

When you have been injured or harmed, you deserve to be represented by a firm that believes in serving the client. You deserve to be represented by a firm that has put their time, attention, skill, and money into your case. When you have a firm like J. Archer Law, you have a firm that is proud to protect their clients who have been injured or harmed by bad companies or people. J. Archer Law is a true Plaintiff’s Law firm. Attorneys associated with J. Archer Law care about the people they are assisting and work diligently to provide the best outcome for their clients.