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Business Practice Area ThumbnailJ.Archer Law has tried many cases and had many settlements against businesses guilty of defrauding individuals and other businesses out of millions of dollars. Mr. Archer won a case involving a Ponzi scheme that had taken hundreds of millions of dollars from investors. His and his associates recovered more for their clients than any other group involved in this litigation and they insured the guilty were convicted of the crimes they had perpetrated on the investors.

JArcherLaw is tireless in its efforts on behalf of defrauded or cheated clients. His reputation allows him to bring in the best experts in forensic accounting along with  other expert in order to follow the money trail and to find what has been hidden from view. Once that money is found the firm acts quickly to lock it down so that the criminals cannot get away with their ill gotten gains and his clients can know there is a way to reclaim some or all of the money that has been lost.

JArcherLaw keeps its business and individual clients fully informed all along the way so the client is not constantly wondering what is going on. Having worked with businesses large and small and as counsel for large organizations like building trade groups and unions he is able to work with general counsel and keep them appraised of any changes. Whether a business,  organization or institution, or an individual, JArcherLaw returns the calls of its clients and cares that their worries are reduced.