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Personal Injury

Injury Practice Area ThumbnailPersonal Injury law can encompass anything from an auto accident to a large plant or oil rig explosion as in the case of the BP disaster with the Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. It can also be the toughest in many ways and it requires attorneys who have been tested already and have proven they have the ability to win. When a person or their family member has been injured or killed often times a company will rush in wanting to get people to agree to a quick settlement or to let the company “assist them.” JArcherLaw recommends that any person who has been injured call an attorney immediately and not sign anything until you have the opportunity to consult with counsel.

If you have been recently injured in an accident or as the result of a product or drug and you do not have a Personal Injury Attorney. You may click on the phone to the right and put your phone number in the space provided. As soon as you click again, you will be called by one of the attorneys associated with JArcherLaw. If it is after hours, you will be called the next morning or when your phone rings, you can leave a best time for someone to call.

Remember, a person when injured by any of the causes above has a limited amount of time in which they may make a claim. Do not wait to see what will happen, speak with one of our attorneys now.