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Practice Area - PharmaceuticalsWhen Pharmaceutical firms create drugs they are created to help those who are ill and to bring profit to the pharmaceutical company. When the desire for profit causes a drug to be released that causes harm, the pharmaceutical companies must understand that there will be a price to pay. Many drugs do help, but there are those like Actos (pioglitazone), Avandia, Meridia, Chantix,  and Wellbutrin to name a few in the news recently that cause harm to those who should have been helped. When a company sells a drug knowing there are harmful side effects and they mislead the public, the public must be protected by firms like JArcherLaw.

The attorneys associated with JArcherLaw have been handling pharmaceutical cases for over 20 years. They have many verdicts and have been able to help their clients receive compensation for the injuries caused by those drugs. JArcherLaw has also sponsored websites like around the drug Actos causing heart damage and Actos being linked to bladder cancer in patients who took it.  , MeridiaInjuryAssistance, and ChantixLawsuitNews.org.

If you have been injured by a drug that was intended to help you, JArcherLaw is here to assist you in getting compensation for any injury you have received. There are many ways to contact JArcherLaw and one of the easiest is to use the special click to call button which allows you to enter your phone number and immediately the firm is contacting you to see how we can assist you. JArcherLaw attorneys work late and can usually be reached up to 9 pm central time and often on the weekends. After hours, our automated system will call you and you can leave the number you wish to be contacted at for our return call to you. One of our attorneys will usually contact you the next morning.